Nextround is the employee recognition platform enabling organisations to recognise the top 100% of employees (not just the top 5%!)

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What is Nextround?
Nextround is a digital platform that lets Managers recognise their team's effort by shouting them their next round of coffees, cocktails, burgers or beers at top local hospitality businesses.

Managers receive a weekly Nextround email with a suggested team reward (e.g. coffee @ Axil). The Manager can then send that reward to anyone on their team by simply replying to the Nextround email.


How does it work?

  1. Select monthly amount you'd like to spend - any amount, no minimum

  2. Add Manager emails of those you authorise to spend the chosen budget

  3. Managers reply to weekly email listing anyone they'd like to send the reward

  4. Reward is automatically sent to all the nominated recipients


Start recognising your team weekly, not quarterly. Start from $5 a week.

By registering, there is no commitment to a minimum spend.

Nextround is simple to use



Manager responds to weekly email or selects a voucher from Nextround instant app


Digital voucher is sent through Nextround to the email or phone of a team member


Team member redeems the voucher at the local hospitality business

Track recognition activity

With a lower average price per recognition reward (average $5), employers gain access to a significantly higher volume of employee recognition activity. Nextround is capturing the digital "pat on the back" that is going overlooked in workplaces across the world.

Use Nextround in your team with as little as $5 and no contracts

Recognise your team weekly, not quarterly

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


The better way to send someone a thank-you.