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Recognise your teams weekly, not quarterly, in a way the team wants to be recognised.

Creating happier

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Do you struggle to find great rewards for your team? Let us source exclusive items each week which you can easily send to your team or client by simply replying to an email. No need to track addresses or deliveries. 

Subscription is free. No payment or credit card required.

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What is Nextround?

Nextround is the digital platform allowing teams to shout each other their next round of coffees or cocktails at the best hospitality locations in Australia.

How to send a reward

01 Nextround One-Click Rewards

Subscribe to Nextround and we'll source exclusive items from Australia's top local hospitality businesses for you to send to your team.

This can range from a round of coffees to home-delivered handmade cocktails from Australia's best cafes and cocktail bars.

Best of all, you can send the reward to your team with just one click of a button!

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Subscription is free. No payment or credit card required.

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02 Nextround Digital App

The Nextround digital app allows our subscribers to send items instantly at select local hospitality businesses.

Note that the Nextround digital app is only available for a select number of Melbourne partners currently.


Data and analytics

03 Employee reward activity

Nextround provides you insightful analytics on employee recognition behaviour and trends.

With Nextround you can now capture the "pat on the back" that is going unnoticed in workplaces everywhere.

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