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Team working remotely? You can still shout them a morning coffee!


With the Nextround app, you can shout your team's next round of coffees, cocktails, beers and burgers at local businesses all across the city.

With a spike in remote working due to COVID restrictions, there has been a huge increase in the adoption of collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to make team interaction easier. To combat screen fatigue, companies can now encourage their staff to get away from their desk and head down to their local and shout them a drink while they're at it.

With Nextround, businesses can access a range of local cafes, pubs and other small businesses online and pay for the next round on behalf of their employees.

How does it work?

Employers simply prepay their chosen budget (starting at as little as $20) and choose who in their business can spend it (e.g. managers, supervisors). Those chosen "budget holders" can then use that budget to pay for anything from the app or weekly express email as a reward for others.

No program setup or fees

Business customers only ever pay for what they purchase, there are no ongoing monthly fees to participate. This means that 100% of your spend goes directly to coffees, cocktails, beers and cupcakes!

Connect with and support local businesses

Many of our participating merchants are local neighborhood businesses. By using Nextround for your team rewards, you are directing your budget to these businesses, supporting local independent business operators.

Monthly snapshot of employee activity

All our business customers get to see each month exactly who their rockstar employees are, and get to see highly relevant analytics and trends. Each month, you will receive a report outlining the Nextround purchase activity so you can see who in your business is getting the most rewards and who may need a little encouragement.

Interested in trying it out for your team?

Setting up a trial is super simple! Just get in touch and we'll go from there.

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