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Want to recognise someone in your team? Shout them a coffee

These days, I would say just about everyone on the team deserves a coffee. Make shouting the team part of your recognition program with Nextround.

What is Nextround?

Nextround is an online platform that allows Managers to recognise their team's effort by shouting them their next round of coffees, cocktails, burgers and beers. With Nextround, Managers send digital vouchers to their team for items at local hospitality businesses. Nextround partners with some of the top names in hospitality such as Axil Coffee so that employees are recognised in a way that they want to be recognised. With low dollar rewards costing $5-$10, Managers can recognise their teams daily, rather than quarterly.

How does it work? Nextround is super simple to use. Teams simply 1. Choose how much they'd like to spend each month (e.g. $20, $50, $500) and 2. Choose who can spend it. We take care of the rest. Each week, your nominated Managers will receive an email with a suggested reward (e.g. 1 x coffee at Axil) asking them "who on your team deserves a coffee this week?". The manager simply clicks Respond and lists the email of those in their team they'd like to send a coffee voucher to. These employees will then automatically receive their voucher directly to their email and they can redeem it whenever they like. All amounts are billed centrally meaning no receipts or admin required. Nextround also has an instant recognition app for those who wish to send vouchers on the spot. How can I use it in my team? You can use Nextround with as little as 1 x Manager and $5 per week. If you'd like to add yourself to the weekly Nextround email list, you simply need to prepay your first month (min. $20) and you'll receive an email each week with a suggested reward for your team. You simply respond with the email of everyone you'd like to send that voucher to and the cost gets deducted from your balance. No contracts or lock-ins!

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